Tiny Temper was born a city girl. One of many cities. Tokyo, New York , Amsterdam, San Francisco, New Jersey.
After she was born and learned to talk and walk in Tokyo, she moved with her parents to the USA. She went to kindergarten in New Jersey and learned about roller-skating and pizza, Hershey's chocolates, outdoor swimming in the summer and Disneyland. That was only the beginning.

She learned that every city has a special gift, but you must know what to ask for. Manhattan gave Broadway and the Phantom of the Opera, Tokyo the digital perm, Ibiza the parties, Madrid the morcillla and Paris the cannelé and macaron.

Because Tiny Temper lived in three different continents she has a different idea about home. Home can be anything anywhere, but you have to feel it. Ice-cream at summer camp is home, every Pucci store is home and the first time Tiny Temper ate escargots she was home.

And just like that, she created her own style and ideas. She didn't mean to, it just happened along the way. She will always be open to new, different ideas, no matter if they are yours or hers.